Haute boots to see the downtrodden.Tis the season for flood tourists, i.e. government officials clad in Savile Row suites and Wellingtons that descend upon the peasants for a campaign photo op.

Do not be mistaken though, flood tourists are not limited to the United Kingdom. No, in fact they manage to spring up everywhere a tragedy can be exploited.

April showers bring May voters? Isn’t that how the old adage goes?

Well, if Peter Politician is visiting your water logged neck of the woods, you might suggest some of our haute rain boot picks to them. They are sure to fit their $500 haircuts better while simultaneously making their veneers shine all the more.The Great Boris Johnson!

Out the shoot ankle Sorels and Sperry’s Top Sider Falcon boots are a tough act to beat, but for those up for reelection and wanting to go the traditional route Hunter has some great rain boots for under $70. Double that $70 and your stimulus spouting betters can score themselves a pair of Ilse Jacobsens, complete with the redlining, purple caps, or full army decal. (Shocker, with Russia on the move, the military look will be seeing a huge resurgence come late summer and fall.)

Nothing says old money quite like Burberry, but going higher on the lobbyist bracket, Valentino offers a lovely studded number for a drop under $400.