Why is it that the moment something is banned, that’s all we want to do? Even in this case…let’s fill our closets with Miss Trish of Capri!  Of course, now that’s it officially Autumn the sting from this week’s Genius Idea doesn’t strike the freedom meter as all that severe.

That—– and the fact that flip flops are about as classy as a Michael Moore dinner date at Luby’s.

California officials took it upon themselves to ban the wearing of flip flops at two San Juan dog parks. This dog park dress code initiative apparently was put in place back in August, with the city staff explaining that the ban was designed to protect the city from liability as listed on a template provided by the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority.

A poor fashion choice liability? Wow, no wonder why California is so much in debt.

The CJPIA (try sounding it out) provides liability insurance to dozens of cities in the region.

Despite the committee having supposedly green-lighted the ban, many of the members themselves wore flip flops (possibly in a nod to Iceland) to the ribbon cutting ceremony for the latest dog park.Remember when mother wouldn’t let you wear polyethylene or as you called them then ‘jelly’ shoes, because they were too trashy? Yeah, nothing has changed since then.

While the Vice Chairwoman seemed to take a more libertarian approach when asked about the rule, “I don’t think we need to really be telling people what to wear on their feet,” adding, “If you go to the park with flip-flops there’s no one (there that is) going to tell you to leave the park,” her counterpart Commissioner Gerald Muir was much more authoritarian Californian about the footwear regulations.

“Why have rules that you’re not going to enforce?”

Indeed, Mr. Muir, indeed. Besides, who really wants to see Californians in their ode-to-Castro Havanas, or their Runway-to-Poverty Tory Burch flip flops, while out scooping up organic, ultra-fiber, Trader Joe mix after their whippet?