The Weiner Creeper.It might have been bad news for Carlos Danger Anthony Weiner last night in New York, but the fashion powers that be are determined to turn his frown upside down by pushing a new design of footwear bearing his likeness.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Creeper.

At PD, we know the moment we think of chic, we think of the word creep.

Rubbery, loud, thick-necked and downright flesh crawling up close, the Creeper could not be any closer to their namesake former Congressmen.Seems legit.

Weiner, a fuck-me-heels expert, should appreciate the fashion industry’s accommodation to his need for variety, as various prints (cheetah, Dalmatian, burgundy etch, croc, rainbow, and random flag) are presented. Even Prada entered the mix for this embattled campaigner, coming out with their own Italian geek take.

While the PD staff believes these are the most disgusting things on the highway runway this season, and we’d rather eat another fistful of Nile River muck than wear them for five seconds, we implore Weiner not to feel too down.

After all, Huma still loves him, right?