Diversify. With Daash strengthening their new Dinar by harvesting and reselling their Christian victims’ organs, and the market need for a good weave leading to the theft of manes and tails of some horses stabled at the Henderson Equestrian Complex, many can’t help but think the days of the traditional dollar are numbered.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t yet, it’s time to diversify and we’re not saying only with precious metals.

Now might just be the time to start investing in kicks.

PD has written about the deadly fervor those in the sneaker community have shown when trying to acquire the latest J’s, and about how just this year a judge in Massachusetts offered to accept a plaintiff’s shoes in lieu of a cash bail, but the kicks craze as a currency has hit even Beijing.For those of you scoffing at Adidas, just remember the great tulip craze of 1637.

In fact, this month a Chinese man used 283 pairs of Nike Air Jordan’s as collateral for a $160,000 bank loan.

Who is to say that in the future a good pair of Jimmy Choos, or a closet full of mint-condition converse won’t fetch the same?

What say you, PDers? How many bags of rice do you think you will be able to score with a pair of Sorel’s in a SHTF scenario?