As Argentina enacts a two month price freeze on all supermarket products, a similarly cash-strapped Chicago is mulling over the idea of instituting an extra 25 cent tax on all sneaker purchases—you know, for the children.


The idea, which while it is genius, it’s not quite genius enough for a Friday, is the brainchild of a Democrat State Representative from the lovely Hazel Crest, Will Davis. Davis thinks that this little new fee on constituent’s kicks will net a total $3m in the first year, and would largely go unnoticed by the masses. Davis might have hit the jackpot with this one.

Of course those new funds wouldn’t be parlayed over to the police and fire departments, or go to Rahm Immanuel’s lunch money, and there would be no possible chance of it ending up in Valerie Jarrett’s daughter’s alimony account. No. Instead that $3m would be earmarked for the state’s YouthBuild programs.

The Headquarters for YouthBuild is in Massachusetts and has such supporters as Cambodia Boy, Senator John Kerry, who said, “I can’t think of a better program to represent.” Hmm….Certainly not the military.

The fashionable gang douche.It’s also important to note that YouthBuild recently received a huge grant from the US Labor Department of $75.8m, and is based on a platform of sustainability (i.e. Agenda 21).

Now, heaven forbid PD would say that YouthBuild isn’t really that great of an organization, as Jesse Jackson calls for the National Guard to patrol the streets of Chicago to curb gang violence, and 50 people have already been gunned down in this gun free utopia since January. We would never point that out.

We would also never insinuate that YouthBuild is just another propagandist money funnel for corruption on the local, national, and international levels. Are these the ones that started those riots? Hmm...I guess we should be more specific.

Certainly not.

In addition, PD wouldn’t mention the fallacy of making the gang members (whom use sneakers as fashionable calling cards) pay for their own “prevention” programs.

Definitely not. (Crickets…) Well, we guess that’s all we’re not saying.