Can you spot the tea cup poodle up there?These days, Texans are worrying about more than clock building opportunists, Muslim Brotherhood Administrators, Daash spilling over the border and police tasering city council members.

Rowlett’s Lakeside Park South Tetragnatha guatemalensis or long jawed spider population seems to have decided to pool their efforts and work together, creating massive webs spanning hundreds of feet in the Dallas suburb.

The web might have a recurring role in an arachnophobe’s nightmares, but the long jawed spider isn’t reportedly interested in human flesh and on that celebratory note, we here at PD thought we might bring you some nice kicks from Charlotte Olympia’s web.

Some heels, right?

First there’s the gold island platform, soft black suede Spider Dolly, which with its height, €1,145 price and baby arachnids isn’t for the faint of heart.

You could crush a lot of spiders in those. Just sayin'.

For those of you out there that like to keep your kicks casual, the Charlotte Olympia Web collection also features black and gold sneakers, in both high top and low.

Sure the €485 price tag might illicit a shriek or two, but in a world where spiders have started working together—shouldn’t you grab every chance of enjoyment out of life while you can?