Summer Heels Perfection: A little mad, lots of neon and high-high-high.Last year, PD brought you news that the next step for world governments’ grasp on tyranny would be to expand their ban-a-palzooa to high heels, and well, thanks to the A Just Russia Party (Справедливая Россия) the Kremlin is on their way.

Oleg Mikheyev (a Russian man that has apparently never come in contact with a Russian woman) recently proposed legislation that would mandate official standards in heel sizes, pulling a Goldilocks move stating that stilettos were of course too high and dangerous for the Nation, but also ballet flats are not only tacky as hell, but unhealthy for Mother Russia to wear daily.

The five page piece of legislation aims for heels that are, “Two to four centimeters high, five centimeters high at the most,” as according to their extensive studies (hey, the science is settled), “The harmful effects of wearing extremely high heels and flat shoes have now been recognized by experts of the entire world…It’s necessary to change this trend.”

Again, it’s obvious that despite representing Russians, Mikheyev has never met or seen a Russian woman as most are physically born in 4 inch spikes. That’s not by any means to throw shade on our Russian PDers, sky high heels and Russian women just go hand in hand, come rain, snow, or cobblestone—throw a heap of gold trinkets and a fur or two in the mix and Russian women rawk that look.Try to separate a woman from her insane heels and start a revolution.

In solidarity with their plight against Soviet closet control, here are PD’s top summer heel picks guaranteed to put Mikheyev in his place.