As brick and mortar has lost its appeal, 2017 is ushering in the end (or at the very least several store closings) of many old haunts teenagers of yesteryear swore would never go.

Kicking off 2017, the Limited closed all 250 of their stores in January, while Wet Seal closed 171 of their remaining shops.

J.C. Penney, the Egypt of retailers, hasn’t been able to catch a break in at least two decades, and is closing 138 stores this year, claiming they want to restructure and open toy stops—a move that isn’t working all that well for other retailer Toys R Us.

Going for a niche market of only pretty and thin people in North America as per former CEO Mike Jeffries has proven to be a bad idea for Abercrombie & Fitch, with 60 store closings this year.

Guess plans to close 70 of their US locations and plans to chase those EUROs that grow on trees in the International Markets.Sign makers are doing okay though.

In May, Bebe closed all 168 of their stores, and a few years ago, we touched on the troubles American Apparel was having when sex stopped selling, which left them with 110 American Apparel locations to be closed in 2017.

Finally, Macy’s plans to close 68 stores, and Michael Kors is slated to do the same to 125 stores.

Hey, the Reaper waited long enough…