Example of, “A consequence of living in a real-time environment.”PDers out there might remember Adidas’ congratulatory email sent out to Boston Marathon finishers last month, where they applauded the runners for surviving.

Well, on Thursday in an interview with CNBC, Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted was finally able to explain what happened behind the little PR snafu, “That is a consequence of living in a real-time environment. Of course, we hope the thing like this will not happen. It did happen. We apologized and we hope also that the consumer will forgive us for that mistake, which we are thoroughly sorry about.”

Really, Rorsted? After a few weeks that’s the best you’ve got? “A consequence of living in a real-time environment”—?Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted, an example of top-rate management in a, “Real-time environment.”

Maybe it’s actually a consequence of poor hiring practices, or perhaps it’s a consequence of trying to gather whatever press you can by attempting to be edgy.

Either way, Adidas, it’s not a good look.

Just sayin’.