A peek into the historical context of words and phrases soon to be banned.This time for the PD Book Club Pick, with the word police on high we thought we’d go with a dictionary— an idea that also works if you were feeling a little down at this scholastic time of year, since you’re one of the few not going for your second or third Master’s Degrees.

The concept for the 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (now available for free on Kindle) by Francis Grose, was originally published in 1785 covering popular slang from the time, and subsequently revised/reprinted over the years by fans of the original work, which takes us to this the Second Edition.Snatch it up now for free on Kindle.

Since it is a dictionary, your eyes most likely will gloss over every few pages or so, which is why we recommend tackling the 248 pages a letter at time, or alternatively you can turn it into a word of the day calendar.

Pick up your copy here or from our side margin, and leave your favorite word or phrase you come across down in the comments.