A really scary read.For October, we decided to pick one of the most terrifying books on the virtual shelves these days: Hillary Clinton’s What Happened.

No, not really, but the title we actually did go with is almost as equally gruesome.

Kate Moore’s The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women covers a number of horrifying scenarios.

In Radium Girls, you get to experience the fear and confusion that comes from a media-dubbed miracle cure that starts to rot you from the inside out.

You encounter the chill and frustration from not being believed by your employer, government or the whole of society about the cause of your illness, and will face instead being labeled as just riddled with syphilis.

You’ll also feel the sense of hopelessness that comes from watching your former colleagues die from the same debilitating symptoms, symptoms you yourself are starting to exhibit.The Radium Girls.

As if the slow course of decaying tooth by tooth and bone by bone isn’t frightening enough, in Radium Girls you will additionally get a front row seat to what happens when business and government collude.

This true account covers 496 pages and will definitely keep you up at night.

Pick up your copy here or from our side margin, and leave your thoughts below.