Tajikistan expanding their tyranny to your library. From April of this year, Tajikistan’s Cultural Ministry has been cracking down on drugs books seeping into their country.

In fact, even tourists now need to receive prior written permission to bring their in-flight reads to Tajikistan.

According to the Head of the Protection of Cultural Heritage, Sherali Kohjaev, “Regardless of the number of books, authorization from the Culture Ministry is required. The requirement applies to (travelers from) all countries, regardless of the language or script of the books.”Tajikistan’s President-For-Life and his eyebrows will keep you safe from ideas.

However, Kohjaev says that written permission consists of only moderate red tape. The application for bringing a book into the country includes just, “Citing the name of the books, stating their language, the place of publication, the name of the authors, and the country of origin or destination.”

Also, if your book is confiscated, don’t worry, there is another application you can fill out to try and get it back.

In any case, we’re guessing that the border controllers are not fans of Kindles.

Just sayin’.