The Anne & Frank Bakery.

The Anne & Frank Bakery.

A new Amsterdam bakery is pushing the limits of what qualifies as too soon, by naming their establishment Anne & Frank.

Why Anne & Frank?

In this case, the owner was obviously taking inspiration from the Anne Frank that everyone in the Western World learns about in history class, with the bakery even being located in the same neighborhood as the Anne Frank House, the place where she daily cataloged hiding from the Nazis.

The owner Roberto Barsoum explained as much when he told Dutch NU that, “Anne Frank is a hero for many people and for me too, because my business is in the same neighborhood as the Anne Frank House, it seemed like a nice name to me.”

Too Soon For Twitter

While not as on the nose as India’s Hitler clothing retailer, the name Anne & Frank brought out the critics on Twitter, ultimately demanding that the name be changed posthaste.

Available from Amazon.

Available from Amazon.

Shocked by the public outcry and threats, as of today Barsoum is promising to make the change, “It’s just a small business where we want to sell a few croissants a day. If I offend people with this name, I’d rather think of something else.”

Sure, our PD Staff here aren’t fans of attention whoring, but in the off chance, that Barsoum really just thought it was a nice bit of synergy and a tribute to a Holocaust victim, how soon is too soon?

Eight decades aren’t enough?

Just askin’.