The last known photograph of Benazir Bhutto before her death.Now that July is in full swing, and the State-owned beaches in New Jersey finally reopened, we have our PD Summer read for you!

The autobiography Daughter of Destiny by Benazir Bhutto created quite a controversy amongst our staff, with many members claiming it is a biased and glorified interpretation of her corruption of the Pakistani State, while others pushed that there is no greater Islamic female icon in history.

Either way, the story is an incredible one and shines light on a country no longer mentioned in the Western Press.Daughter of Destiny.

Daughter of Destiny was first published in 1988, but then republished in 2008, shortly after her 2007 assassination with a freshly written epilogue that is worth purchasing the book alone for.

480 pages of coups, assassinations, house arrests, religion, family, nuclear arms and luxury, we guarantee a part or two of Daughter of Destiny will keep you riveted.

Pick up your copy here, or in a few days from our side margin, and let us know what you think down below in the comments.