He might have a head like an orange, but there’s a lot of knowledge in that orange.Since February is a short month, our staff decided to keep our pick light-hearted with Karl Pilkington’s The Moaning of Life.

Hey, if you’re mad and don’t think it is nearly libertarian enough, don’t worry we will be back next month with Bastiat.

Sure, Pilkington might not strike you as a libertarian scholar, but he’s about as into volunteerism as they come, and his latest book offers interesting perspectives on life’s big mysteries: love, marriage, vocation, procreation, death and happiness.

Pilkington brings a lot of logic to not just the conundrum of whether to rent or buy a wedding dress (“Why buy a wedding dress? You won’t need it again, and it’ll just end up being shoved in the loft.”), but also to explaining the beauty of the Free Market (“I think competition is a good thing. Products are improving all the time due to fierce competition. Expect Twiglets. No one else seems to want to make them, and they’ve tasted shite for years.”)—-oh yeah. Pilkington covers it all.Truth beyond the brochure.

The book might seem a little long at 384 pages, but the sections are humorous enough and broken up with the occasional picture so the book feels more like an easy afternoon read than a repeat of Kurzweil.

Pick up your copy here or from our side margins.

Alternatively, given that between all of the holidays and the week long Mardi Gras hangover, you might not be inclined to add another book to your to-do list, you can also opt for just catching his television series, of the same name, that follows the book.

When you finish, as always let us know what you think.