On Monday a few articles in on Drudge, a member of the PD staff stumbled upon this missive on the CumBack Kid, and literally vomited. It was described as similar to a scene from the Exorcist.

We’ve made it no secret here that we find Anthony Weiner disgusting. (Do you have a word stronger than disgusting? Okay, than that one too.) The guy is beyond repulsive, beyond sleazy, beyond sick.

Weiner is quite possibly the dictionary poster boy for repugnant.

Yum. We'll take it, over Weiner Pics.

PD took a vote, and it was found that we’d much rather eat a fistful of mud-garbage from Cairo’s Nile banks than produce an article on this creeper, and you have to imagine that for a news story to actually make one of our writers physically blow chunks isn’t by any means healthy. In fact, the last time a member of our staff lost their breakfast was when Dear Leader was reelected.

Now, of course being this invested in the news of the degradation of society and the march towards totalitarianism can clearly show that our staff is in need of a detox, but here’s the line that sent our staff member hurling towards the restroom:

Welcome back? Good God, that's just sick.

Yeah, it was that. Sure, most of the PD staff hightailed it out of the Big Apple around the time Bloomberg hooked up an apartment air conditioning unit to his limo, and converted another 35 blocks to bike lanes. Therefore you would think that Weiner on the campaign trail would not bother us that much…but it does.

The next line, which at the time the staff member didn’t even make it to is about as bad:

There is not enough Smecta in all the world to make that statement go down smooth.

Seriously? Everyone is okay with this:

Feelin' sick...

And this:

It's great that he wants to have sex-offenders wear tracking devices. They can start at the Mayor's Office.

This too:

Mad Magazine's take on Weinergate.

We can’t even force ourselves to post his Congressional gym pics.

What about the lies claiming he was “hacked” and only being “pranked,” huh? What about all of his spinning for the Single Payer System?We thought he looked familiar... The out and out misrepresentation of the gold market? Let’s not even touch marrying into the Muslim Brotherhood, but this is okay for everyone?

New York, if you elect this scum-bucket chump, you are done and we’ll have no sympathy for your Pervert’s take on Detroit. None.