A Year Later: John Galliano’s Fall from Grace

A year ago, the fashion world was rocked by the surfacing of a video of Dior’s head designer on his “drunken” anti-Semitic soap box. Fast-forward through months of fashion talking head shock, a step down from Dior, and a €6,000 fine from a French court, and we arrive to the present day.

Our position on this guy has been the same throughout the case: Look. At. Him.

How can you be shocked that this guy said something anti-Semitic? His wardrobe doesn’t exactly scream, “Mentally stable.” In fact, his duds scream, “Crazy cat-lady pirate.”

A person wearing threads like that would have to say things that are battle-axe-welding-nuts.

The only shocking thing about this is the startled, surprised responses from the haute couture fashion community, including numerous Jewish every hitters. Seriously?! Come on!

Genius is not eccentric, genius is genius. John Galliano is clearly at best eccentric, and no-where near genius.

And just so you dear PD readers out there don’t think I’m going off of what could be a Halloween Party snap of Mr. Galliano, here’s a few more.

Galliano's off off Broadway debut.

Okay, you’re thinking maybe he was part of a Broadway Production of, The Grapes of Wrath. I got more. Galliano has never graced the cover of a romance novel.

No, this pic wasn’t taken in 1993, and no, he hasn’t graced the covers of any drugstore romance novels. Buttons and bow-er-daisies.

Maybe he just likes daisies. And buttons. Lots of buttons.John-John.

Maybe he….Come on, come on. Tell me he’s of sound mind.

If the guy thinks this is fashionable, then why wouldn’t he love Hitler?

Now, should have John-John been fined for his so-called drug addled slurs? No. PD believes in more speech, not less. At this point, the world that somehow missed the fact that the guy is an unstable idiot by his attire has gotten a peek into that beautiful soul of his.

Fashion moguls and parrots that still flock to this guy and his “designs” are really birds of a feather. Something to keep in mind during Fashion Week and while at the shops.

The title of this article is slightly misleading, as it proposes Galliano was once in reality’s good graces.