Even though we are migrating over to our new site, let’s stop and take a moment to look back at what November 2017 has brought, a part from of course, the sexual predator advent calendar provided by the mainstream media and CCTV.

So much gold, we feel like going with silver.

From Too Faced to India everything was golden, expect for Karl Lagerfeld, whom had France’s Higher Audiovisual Council on his back for his Setrakian-like comments on Angela Merkel.

Are you ready?

Egypt tourism took another hit this month, this time not about a University ban on ripped jeans, but rather Daash (you know, the 360 of Turkey) taking out 305 when they attempted to remodel a mosque near Bir al-Abed.

Speaking of bans, as our PD Book Club read the banned To Kill a Mockingbird, we also looked into Tajikistan’s own book approval policy.

While Customs was hunting for chocolate covered heroin, Finnair asked for passengers to volunteer their weights to help increase flight safety.

Kim Fatty the Third tried his best to remain relevant à la Lydia McLaughlin, and celebrating the one-year anniversary of the 2016 election, millennials took to the streets and screamed hopelessly at the sky as only stunted children can.

The European Union finally found the time to define Greek yogurt, while the rest of the West has been chomping at the bit to put their holiday Christmas decorations up.

Going back to the great sexual predator unveiling, Donna Karan was joined with Jessica Fletcher by being confused on where exactly to place the blame.

Overall, we here at PD feel that the picture below is an accurate representation of the last few weeks:

Don’t let the innocent face fool you, he’s a creeper.

See you next month!