The look.Sure, Putin might have proven to be a possible coup conqueror this month, but who he is really? To find out, today we will go all the way back to 2007, when Vlad had Angela Merkel over to his Sochi home.

Former KGB agent and host that he was, Putin was well aware of Merkel’s fear of dogs stemming from a 1995 bite she’d sustained. So to be a true dictator emphasis on the dick gentleman, the moment they sat down in front of the press, he made sure his large black lab, Koni, entered the room and paid her a visit.

Sadistic smile in place, Putin reassured a visibly sickened Merkel that Koni must likely wouldn’t hurt her.

“I’m sure it will behave itself.”Some host.

When asked about the situation later, Merkel had perhaps the best answer as to Vladimir Putin’s true character, “I understand why he has to do this…to prove he’s a man. He’s afraid of his own weakness. Russia has nothing, no successful politics or economy. All they have is this.”

So, yeah, that’s who Putin is.