It’s been obvious from the start.As the Left suddenly cares about the balance of powers outlined in the Constitution and Fox News seems to have forgotten all about it with the latest from Trump’s First 100 Days propaganda parade, PD would like to point out the words of a pre-neutered Trump opponent from last year.

During an interview with Jake Tapper an exact year ago, Senator Ted Cruz managed to describe Donald Trump beautifully.

“You know, he really has four responses to any outside stimulus. He either yells, screams, curses or insults and so it’s no surprise that he went with insult there. The reality is simple. This is an unusual election, but I think it’s important to give the voters a clear contrast, a clear choice and I think you could not have a clearer choice between Carly and me on the one hand and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on the other. And Hillary and Donald, they’re flip sides of the same coin. They agree with each other on issue after issue after issue. They’re both big government New York liberals. They’re both Washington insiders. Hillary has made millions selling power and influence in Washington.”What happened, Ted?

Later in that same interview, Cruz also added, “This is all fake. He’s pretending, and—and people are tired of politicians lying to us. You know who I feel the worst for? I feel the worst for Donald’s supporters, who believe his role, but, every day, if he gets closer to the nomination, he starts taking his mask off, and behind the Donald Trump mask is Hillary Clinton.”

Congratulations, America! You did it. You’ve gotten exactly what you wanted.