A pantsuit for each day of the month.Another month ticked off of the Primary Season, but given that most of us spent the majority of the time avoiding the news cycle (no Trump news is the best news), what exactly happened in March?

Well, we spent our Mondays with Hillary Clinton and her many fashion industry fans, you know, Anna Wintour, Michael Kors, Madeleine Albright, Barack Obama and Linda Tripp.A political take on Sophie’s choice.

As we thumbed through Flemming Rose’s The Tyranny of Silence, Denmark started the legislative paperwork to ensure their citizens have at least a few servings of pork on their plates and the UK’s Environment Minister Rory Stewart let slip plans for another great tyranny; a coffee cup tax.

The events in Belgium last week opened up a whole world of glove, flag and nuclear fears, while political correctness took its latest scalp in Whitesboro, New York.

Speaking of political correctness, yoga lessons were finally brought back at Canada’s University of Ottawa after an Indian instructor was finally found, and Japan decided to ditch the swastika in preparation for the Olympics.

Still overall to cap off March, our staff has to go back to H-Rod, as she is finally now being questioned by FBI Director James Comey over her private server:

Even money, she’ll say that.

See you next month!