In the market to stir up some hate, or only needing ideas on how to put together an outfit that just screams, Voter-Intermediation, look no further than to King Samir Shabazz.

King Samir Shabazz, the Leader of the Philly Branch of the New Black Panthers (which my research indicates isn’t related to the taste of the New Coke), wouldn’t be caught dead slying down south street with just any African garb on. Let’s examine his Dixie’s signature style more closely.

The military look is a standard go-to for Shabazz, and not only because he’s seen it sprawled all over the Fashion Week runways. Shabazz, a big proponent of the military tunic look, likes to keep his clothing loose, especially in the arms, making it easier to brandish his pistols in order to accentuate his points at impromptu, street side demonstrations.

“Shabazz takes his look very seriously,” an insider shares with us.

“He sticks mostly with your darker military looks-grays, and blacks, since they’re slimming. Shabazz is also not afraid to accessorize with pistols, and he was never one to say no to a good button or patch.”

This proves to be very true, since he has yet to be pictured without a menacing glare and at least two patches stitched on his polyester military tunics. Usually the patches include the New Black Panther icon (which is a slightly more fluffy kitty cat than the one used for the original Black Panther Party) and a patch of the African continent, reminding us all, “Waka Waka, it’s time for Africa.”

What I love most about his royal Shabazzy is how he takes what might be considered to some people an overly edgy outfit, and tops it off with an unexpected feminine touch, in the form of a black, chic, French beret, one worthy of Madame Chanel herself.

While his gun holster says, “I hate every last iota of a cracker,” his beret says, “I’m a sensitive guy that enjoys Pauli Shore movies, and long walks on the beach.”

I also like how he adds a pop of green color on his dew-rag. It’s those types of details that separate a mere man, from a fashion king.

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