Passports for women without a male escort? Wow! Freedom!Gather up your garters, because we’d swear you’d think it was the year 1920 instead of just 2016 in Saudi Arabia, with all of the talk about the broad strokes of freedom maybe, possibly being bestowed on the women of the Kingdom.

To start with, the Committee of Security Affairs at the Shoura Council announced that they might support an amendment to the Nation’s travel laws that would allow women 18 and older to file for a passport without a male family member’s consent first.

As of today, all Saudi women regardless of marital status can only obtain a passport with the expressed consent of a male family member, but if that law were overturned perhaps the other law which prohibits women from traveling without a male family member to chaperone them, might also get the axe.

Of course, before we here at PD get too ahead of ourselves celebrating, the Shoura Council also made it clear that they would only support the women’s passport amendment if it didn’t, “Jeopardize the national security of the country.”Bumper cars today…real cars a century from now!

Speaking of security, while women are still banned from driving in the Saudi Kingdom, amusement parks have begun allowing women to hone their driving skills using bumper cars.

Hey, maybe in another 100 years or so, when women are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, those afternoons spent on the dodgems could really come in handy.

Just sayin’.