Actually, yes, it is. Everything can be debated in a free society.

Actually, yes, it is. Everything can be debated in a free society.

Punching Nazis might be held as the moral version of 2013’s Knockout, but there is nothing moral or right about it.

We have put off stating the obvious for months now (hey, don’t side-eye us! Yes, okay. We always talk about the obvious, but this is the painfully obvious, the kind of obvious that every time the article assignment comes up staff members whip out their doctor’s notes on ulcers), but punching a person just because they do not agree with you or your view of the world is wrong.

Wrong, as in not right.

If the perfect little masked brats of Antifa that advocate at best punching Nazis and at worst stringing their families up on the remaining telephone poles of Philadelphia were really committed to their cause they would do best to start with themselves, since spoiler alert: they’re fascists.

Yes, attacking or silencing someone for believing in what you do not, or not believing in what you do, is fascistic.

It kinda goes along with burning books, because you don’t like the ideas in them. Fascist.

Sucker punching someone for wearing socks with sandals, or culturally appropriating your newly discovered Wakanda dreadlocks are hallmarks of fascistic behavior.

Busting out your Tai-Bo skills on King Samir Shabazz just, because he was preaching a sermon on having to kill white babies, is wrong.

In lieu of cracking those knuckles, let the world see Shabazzy bask in his hate.

Political violence is not just about forcing people to hide their true feelings, a disservice to yourself and the rest of society, or robbing a person of their own right to be wrong.

In fact, when it comes down to it, the threat of violence shows that you do not have the winning argument.

If you really are right, and have the best ideas on everything, you will not need to coerce people onto your side.

Just sayin’.