What happens on vacation should always be kept from Qatari Authorities…The country that Al Gore and his charkas sold Current TV to has seen it in their supreme wisdom to cut 9 months off the year prison sentence, marking it as just time served, for a Dutch woman whose crime was actually reporting her rape to the Qatari Authorities.

Naturally, the diplomatic rub of Islamic hadiths has already started with Qatar set to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and the case of this 22 year old woman is a clear example.

While on vacation with a friend, this woman’s drink was spiked at a hotel bar, resulting in her waking later, raped with clothing torn. Obviously still hazy from the ordeal, she made the mistake of going to the cops, where she was promptly detained and charged with intercourse outside of marriage.We’ll pass on that one, thanks.

Apparently the word rape loses a little bit in translation.

After months in custody, the Dutch Foreign Ministry was able to convince Qatari Authorities to reduce her sentence and to, “Let her off,” with an $845 fine.

What a triumph for diplomacy that a rape victim only had to serve 3 months in jail and pay a fine!

Just sayin’.