With August already well on its way, let’s take a quick peek back at July.

History got a little rewrite this month, both in Egypt and with Congressional Republicans pushing Obamacare Trumpcare.

Since we mentioned Trump, while flipping through Daughter of Destiny, we thought back to when Trump took on the PGA.

From there, when he wasn’t beached shore front, Governor and former kidnap victim, Chris Christie got into his constituents’ face.The longest running show on Earth.

Planet of the Apes became the most racist thing since sliced bread, and as tempers and temps rose we blotted on the cheap.

Royal Caribbean decided they don’t want their customers sharing sips, and the Japanese Government hopes to have independent hot springs overlook foreigners’ tats. Speaking of royal, the Thai Royal Police started ghost busting.

Daash made it to the small screen, and New York City decided to up their War on Rats.

With so much smiley face fascism on the rise, it gave us a few ideas for vacations and August’s PD Book Club pick.

To wrap up July, we selected the picture below:

Never looked at it that way before…

Onward August!