In Malaysia, snakes are part of the team, too.Our staff has covered the culturally celebrated wussiness of the next generation at length, and while we’re all for some tough love and scraped knees, PD can’t help but feel that the Malaysian Civil Defense Department could be pushing their kiddos too far.

For a team building exercise young children were lowered into a muddy, watery pit and told to climb out, while being sprayed with a hose.

Oh, and a python was thrown into the pit too to give the kids extra motivation.

Here’s the video:

It’s important to note that supposedly there were already two pythons down in the pit from the beginning, making three in all.

After the footage surfaced along with those pythons, the Director General of the Civil Defense Department said, “We regret that this has happened. This is an individual act and not sanctioned by the department. In fact, it is against our standard operating procedure to have such training for primary school children.”

Oh, right. It’s not a standard op for primary school children. Okay then. No problem.