Obviously, Sasquatch signs are needed.

Obviously, Sasquatch signs are needed.

Obviously, any Genius Idea Friday right before April Fool’s Day would need to include some type of cryptid, and we haven’t let you down.

One woman, positive she saw Bigfoot in Southern California last year, has decided to sue the State for not taking her sighting seriously.

Apparently, when she reported to various State Authorities her Sasquatch spotting near Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino Mountains, they assured her Bigfoot was only a bear.

Not satisfied, the woman is suing California for failing to recognize the difference between a bear and Bigfoot.

Who exactly is she suing about Sasquatch?

Hit with this bit of brilliant litigation is the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the State Natural Resources Agency, as the woman claims that by them not acknowledging that the Sasquatch is indeed its own species, they are putting Californians in danger.

State Officials have yet to comment on the case.