Get ready to rock out in Uzbekistan!

Get ready to rock out in Uzbekistan!

This week’s Genius Idea Friday comes from that bastion of freedom Uzbekistan.

Wanting to ensure the sensibilities of their people remain safely intact, the Uzbekistani Government has taken it upon themselves to regulate music videos.

Below is a brief list of some of the banned highlights according to Uzbekkonsert:

Music videos cannot insult the feelings of viewers.

Male singers are forbidden from dressing like women.

Revealing outfits of any kind are out.

Male singers should not wear jewelry deemed by the Government as garish. (What? No gold grills?)

Expensive cars and mansions cannot be shown.

Certain dance moves deemed unsuitable by the Government are not allowed.

Uzbekkonsert: These guys know entertainment!

Uzbekkonsert: These guys know entertainment!

Music videos cannot encourage lust.

There can be no depiction of laziness, drug use, terrorism, or alcohol consumption.

Tattoos and other body art are also banned.

What should be included in a proper music video in Uzbekistan?

Well, patriotism of course (though State symbols should not be misplaced), and respect for Uzbekistani traditions and culture are always considered a plus.

If an artist dares to release a music video that does not adhere to these new regulations, the artist will be stripped of their performance license.