Vandalism? This week we’ll skip over the usual Big Government brilliance, and instead talk a little promposal.

It’s not just the painfully lame factor of a promposal in general, which if you’re over the ripe old age of 22, is where Person A asks Person B to the prom in an elebrate, attention-whoring manner.

Side note: That might sound a little salty, but we assure you, the PD Staff is salt-free; we’re just over 22.

Anyways, the whole thing is similar to a marriage proposal, without the diamonds, but in most cases, it still includes the three month salary.Now, that’s how Big Government would ask you to prom.

The issue today though is that now Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Officials are searching for the teenage tot that wrote, “PROM?” on a rock near their Sandstone Peak.

Rolling your eyes? Well, the plot thickens as that same rock was also defaced last year with the same question.

Come on, Romeo, you’ve got to have a better idea than this.