Okay, so here is what he actually tweeted, we just translated it.

While most Westerns have already developed plans of action to tackle Black Friday (which as of late tend to include just staying home and shopping online), retailers all over the world have tried to spread the glad and trampled tidings of Black Friday to other corners of the planet, and in the case of Turkey, with limited success.

Yes, on par with Joyless Behar’s ramblings, Turkish Twitter was up-in-arms and low in leftover characters, when it came to the launch of Black Friday last week.

Translated to Kara Cuma, Black Friday was greeted by President Dictator President Erdogan’s advisers and followers as just another subversive plot churned up in the bowels of Washington.

Comments ranged from calling Kara Cuma an insult to Islam, part of the crusader mentality, and any celebrators heretics, while mobs stormed some retailers demanding the removal of all Kara Cuma signs.

Hamza Yerlikaya, AK Party member even tweeted, “What is this Black Friday? Why Friday? Friday is enlightenment, abundance, peace, the best day the sun shines on. What manipulation is this, organized on this special day?”

Turkish publication Yeni Safak declared that with Kara Cuma, “They especially chose the day that Muslims have declared as sacred.”

The they of course being enemies of Islam.

Maybe next year they should go for a re-branding.