An unconditional concept of freedom offends.As government fails to tackle the ins and outs of Twitter, the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and the University of Miami are stepping up their own campaigns to police speech.

Let’s start first with Wisconsin-River Falls’ new Check Yourself Educational Campaign which comes with a list of words and phrases that should never be uttered.Listen to the chicken and check yourself.

No, there’s no mention of the dangers of wrecking yourself, but instead the campaign says to, “Take time to educate yourself about language and the histories of oppression. This list is not extensive, but touches on common identities and concepts. Read them. Consider them. Understand them and Check Yourself before you use them.”

University of Wisconsin-River Falls.Top of the naughty chart includes using the term you guys, and words such as ugly (according to the University of Wisconsin-River Falls it’s a favorite word choice of the Klan), bitch and crazy.

Side note: With so many good songs now banned, will polka make a comeback?Say What translates to Don’t Say.

Similarly the University of Miami has the Say What?! Campaign which aims to promote the policing of students’ microaggressions.

A forbidden gem from that list includes, “I don’t see color.”

Can you feel the micropain?