New Year, same old tyranny.

So, during PD’s little hiatus what were the news stories that we really missed?

Duterte said something inflammatory and made the case for killing off a certain segment of the population.

Putin flexed in Crimea.

The runways tried to convince us for yet another season that zebra should not be limited to the Serengeti, causing hyenas worldwide to laugh.

Trump tweeted.

The American Left lost their minds over an appointment of someone with principles similar to their own.

The Pope pulled musings from his little Red Book, and the United Nations swore that this time global cooling warming weirding weather is real.

The Cosmetics Industry got a jump on their Summer 2030 collections.

2019: The Year of the Pig.

The social media mob, with their special brand of manufactured outrage, stormed D&G over chopsticks.

Michelle Obama took the title of Most Liked Female from Hillary Clinton, as even at her most annoying let-them-eat-fried-chicken-if-they-vote, Michelle could never match the famous Clinton cackle.

In fact, the only real bit of change that came was that finally everyone could cross George H.W. Bush off their 10-4-10 lists.

All in all, what did the four month break teach us? Good question. Maybe the answer is that life is better spent on the beach— not a Tunisian one though.

Otherwise, we are entering the year of the Pig, and you guys all know what that means.