Day one of the now condensed three day long Republican National Convention, was not just one conservative heavy-hitter after another, but the grand unveiling of a new First Lady.

Ann Romney looked truly humbled and gracious.

Ann Romney all smiles.Ann Romney wowed the crowd and online viewers (really, why would the Main Stream Media cover those racist, women-haters at the RNC when instead they would run footage of protesting Code Pinko Vajays on an endless loop?), with an eloquence and grace that has been notably missing from the White House, since 2008.

Whereas Michelle Antoinette tends to look like she just dined on some bad clams every time she’s tasked with saying something nice about this country her husband leads into the ground , Ann Romney was the picture of poised and —-what’s that emotion? Dare we say it — happy. Ann Romney looked genuinely happy and blessed to be on that stage. Wow, quite a far cry from the current incumbents.

Her speech came across as humble, real, and remarkably positive as she chose not to talk about politics and party, but instead she wanted to keep things centered on love- love of country, love of freedom, love of family, and PD’s favorite: love of a challenge.Ann Romney greeted on stage by her husand after the speech.

Dressed in a structured three quarter length dress, that fell at the knee and was belted at the waist with a red and gold floral piece, Ann Romney looked confident without the obligatory channeling of Jackie O. The way the neckline of the dress v-ed hit the note of perfection, managing to capture the right amount of skin, without getting too Vegas Strip with it.

PD loved that watch, and could her Grecian bracelet have been a special ode to the First Republic? (Are we looking too hard here?) Ann Romney’s accessorizing with gold proved to be a stunning revival of an old classic staple, and her red manicure matched flawlessly with the look.

While there is no doubt she looked great, like with everything it can be nitpicked. The dress, though structured, could have been taken in a bit more in the skirt. A few centimeters done in with a pin or two really could have made all of the difference. When it comes to her shoes, PD is split down the middle. Her black peep-toe kitten heels are cute, but the black did strike the dress a bit hard, and kitten heels…eh. Something slightly more spunky in a nude, gold, or blue—yeah, it’s a tough call.

Overall, Ann Romney glowed, and we look forward to more. Much, much, much more.