Some sources also claim the production and import of the niqab is banned along with the burqa. In a story that is sure to bring a paused moment of, “Huh?” Morocco’s Interior Ministry supposedly sent out letters this week to businesses informing them that they had 48 hours to get rid of their stock of burqas, as due to security concerns the production and import of those items would be henceforth banned.

The math on that feel a little off for you, too?

Well, so far, the actually wearing of a burqa hasn’t been banned and other than the letters sent out, Morocco’s Government has yet to issue any decrees (official or otherwise) on the burqa.

Now the Northern Moroccan National Observatory for Human Development claimed the measure (if it is actually real) to be an, “Arbitrary decision that is an indirect violation of women’s freedom of expression and wearing what reflects their identities or their religious, political or social beliefs.”Burqa = Full body coverage, including eyes.

Of course, banning or talking about banning burqas has been fairly fashionable over the last 3 years, with even German Chancellor Angela Merkel back in December calling for prohibiting them in State buildings, schools and, “Wherever it is legally possible.”

What say you, PDers? Is this yet another country posturing or something completely different?