The whole of Switzerland voted on a similar burqa ban back in 2012, but the votes weren’t there.This week the Italian speaking, Swiss Region of Ticino (that’s right, Switzerland has everything) banned burqas, along with the niqab.

From April of 2016, if caught in either garment in public the fine will range from 100CHF (about $98) to 10,000CHF (again about $9,790).

As with most clothing bans, the burqa ban also applies to tourists, whom the local Ticino Government has said they will inform at the border and at all airports.The D&G balaclava made with 45% virgin wool.

Don’t worry though, the $3,245 D&G balaclava you purchased for the protest season is still allowed, along with all other face masks.

Again, the ban is strictly limited to the wearing of Muslim veils, a legal move that the Swiss Parliament has upheld, ruling it does not violate Federal Law.