A veil ban for better communication.

A veil ban for better communication.

Norway is set to join other countries such as Austria and Latvia in attempting to ban face coverings.

Norway’s proposal, the brainchild of Finance Minister Siv Jensen, Minister of Education Iselin Nybø, and the Minister of Education and Integration Jan Tore Sanner would ban the burqa and niqab in educational institutions, including for adults working at daycares.

According to Sanner, “Norway is an open society where we are used to seeing each other face to face. This is particularly important in teaching situations, daycares and schools.”

Open Communication Without a Veil

Norway's bus seats.

Norway’s bus seats.

Sanner also added, “A ban on face-covering garments will ensure open communication with children, pupils, students and newly arrived immigrants in educational situations. It is crucial for a good learning environment.”

If passed by the Norwegian Parliament, the new ban is slated for adoption in August of this year.

In a country where citizens became concerned that the seats on public buses looked like women in burqas, Jensen has said of the new legislation that, “Norway can become the first country in the Nordic region to get a national ban on face-covering headgear like (the) burka and niqab in (the) educational environment.”