You didn’t start the trend, brah.Lately, when he isn’t forcing Katy Perry to confess her worst sins (that Obama dress back in the day was really bad), looting expert DeRay McKesson has been forced to swallow a few hard truths.

Despite how much he may have wanted to believe to the contrary, this month DeRay McKesson found out that he isn’t the center of the universe and he also wasn’t the first to make a blue vest a wardrobe staple.

That’s a lot just for July.

These duel revelations came after he tweeted his grave concern that the powers that be in Hollywood, were deliberating targeting Black Lives Matter by making a movie titled, “Planet of the Apes,” while furthermore zeroing in on himself by having one of the ape characters wear a blue vest.

He has since deleted this tweet.

Right, and as easy as it would be to go along with the rest of society and mock McKesson, our staff here at PD rather wants to leave you with the following question:Not even this ape from the original film started the trend.

How terrible must it be to live in the world that McKesson’s created for himself?

Just askin’.