Seriously? Come on, your life cannot be so insignificant and dull that this offends you.Well, we’ve tried all week to stay on the positive side and to not feed the ulcer, but unfortunately, today’s look at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is a real eye-bleeder.

The American EEOC is now conducting an investigation to see if the yellow Gadsden Flag, one of the original flags of the Nation, is too racist for the workplace or not.

Yes, apparently Don’t Tread on Me is the latest dog whistle offending the incredibly easy to offend.

In January 2016, the EEOC supposedly received a complaint by some ultra-douche (oh, wait—can we say that? Since it is true, yes, we can) that claimed he was racially discriminated due to his coworker wearing a Gadsden Flag cap. Now, the EEOC has decided to launch an investigation to see whether or not businesses should ban the flag and any of likeness of it from shirts, bumper stickers, and yes—caps.

After cleaning away the blood spill and rinsing our mouths out with Scope (there was some vomiting), PD has decided that the positive way to look at this is to think, “Wow! We are such great people, because even if something offends us, we aren’t so small and petty to try and get it banned.”They’re already here.

Again, we are secure enough in ourselves that someone wearing socks with sandals and a white hood isn’t going to shake us. How about you, guys?

By the way, just for good measure, you know the other country in the world that has a problem with certain flags? Saudi Arabia.

Just tossin’ that out there.