And wave to the little people...Good, good.Hillary Clinton decided to put on the Grandma Show for Manhattan voters this last weekend when she went for a completely-not-staged-at-all street side stroll with her daughter’s small family unit and Bill—and before you ask, no, Huma wasn’t present this time.

Center stage as Hillary pushed her granddaughter’s pram, was Hillary’s famous Kabul coat, the one she supposedly picked up in Afghanistan when her envoy landed during sniper fire in 2003.

As Secretary of State, she’d use the Kashmir-made coat as her main staple when visiting Afghanistan, wearing it even for her stay during the 2009 inauguration of President Hamid Karzai.

This type of jacket usually hits around the $150 mark and while many are more than willing to condemn the look on her, our staff has to admit, she’s looked worse.

In reality, the issue with these types of jackets is how it falls depending on your age. 20-35, it grabs the eye as fresh and exuberant. 65+ and it solidifies crazed, old lady territory.Pictured here is another Hillary Kabul coat Afghanistan re-wear.

Of course though, as we stated above, she was going for the Grandma Show, so really doesn’t that coat accomplish that?

What say you, PDers? Did this re-wear move you across the aisle and make you want to abandon all of your principles just as Bill did every other Tuesday while in the Oval Office?