330 US Marines to join Norway and their Leopard Tanks.Do you recall how on Monday we revisited the 1980s and marveled at the placement of 4,000 US troops in Poland? Well, in addition to Poland, now apparently snowy Norway needs shoring up against Russian encroachment.

A Russian sub sighting here and there and a few airspace buzzes, led to 330 US Marines landing in Vaernes this week, marking the first time since WW II that a foreign force has been posted in Norway.Lithuania along with Estonia also signed agreements this month allowing for US troops to be stationed in their perspective countries.

In case you’ve gotten the impression that it’s only Poland, Norway and now the DNC worried about Russia, Lithuania also said earlier this week that they’ll use EU funds to build an 80 mile fence to make Lithuania great again on their border with Kaliningrad.

According to Lithuania’s Interior Minister Eimutis Misiunas the fence, “Would not stop tanks, but it will be difficult to climb over.”

Maybe it’s time to grab that new parka