We aren’t saying he’s innocent, but it’s the not the Tee that did it.Malaysian Flight 370 has proved an interesting case in big world media narrative.

Each day the CNNs to the local squawk boxes want you to be sure to know that x is true and all of the ys from yesterday are not, starting with in the first day that this whole thing definitely totally surely really wasn’t terrorism, to now the Captain of the flight being buried with a scarlet Tee.

Maybe Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah is the mastermind of Flight 370’s disappearance, and it wasn’t Kim Jong-Un, turbulence, Aliens, Wiggers (no, not the annoying white twenty somethings that stand on street corners sporting grillz and j’s, attempting to rap), Hamas eBay, or any of the other ten billion theories out there, but what is for sure is that this media blitz narrative about Shah being against democracy, because of this shirt he wore is beyond ridiculous.

Okay, even for the media.

First off, the t-shirt comes from the May 2013 protests to the Malaysian election, where thousands felt there was a massive case of fraud.Here’s another similar Tee from the same protest.

Fraud during an election count? Say wha? That’s certainly nothing that the West has ever experienced, right?

Malaysians donned shirts, and blacked out their Facebook and Twitter profiles in protest of the regime’s hard sell tactics and voter suppression.

The shirt says, “Democracy is Dead May 2013,” meaning that the vote count was corrupted and could not be trusted, not that, “Yay! Democracy is Dead! Go Fascism!”

Note the distinction.

We guarantee you that if went to any college campus on the West Coast you’d find far more hardcore projihad/proterror Tees than this one the media is trying so hard to sell.