And yet, he still looks like our gynecologist.Do you recall a few years back when the Western media swore up and down that Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood were cooler than Menudo?

With his gynecologist looks and smart guy specks, the Obama Administration bent over backwards to become blood brothers with him.Hey, even Hitler and Mussolini had their own Time covers.

Well, flash forward to this week, and he’s just been sentenced to 20 years in prison for greenlighting the torture and murder of protesters.

Get the Obama Administration to the Kentucky Derby post haste, because they sure know how to pick a horse.

While his legal team is planning to appeal, the bushier Morsi (once he catches his breath and stops screaming that the Egyptian Courts are invalid) is still looking at charges of collusion, espionage (let’s just say we’ve heard he was a little too friendly with Iran), a few counts of terrorism and leaking classified Egyptian State documents to Al Jazeera.

Morsi: Yet another Secretary Clinton success.Hey, wait! Wasn’t that Hillary Clinton’s favorite news channel at the time?