Not sure if spelled with a “ck,” “c” or just “k.”We’re just gonna say it—there’s a certain group of people on the planet that do not know how to take a joke without taking a head.

This week a 23 year old Iraqi refugee, thinking that the hard most arduous part of his life was just getting to Merkel’s Berlin, learned that unfortunately due to his fashion choices that wasn’t the case.

Was it a love of Crocs and toe socks that got him beaten within an inch of death?

Nope, it was his buying and donning a tee with the tongue-in-cheek attempt at humor, “I’m Muslim, don’t panic.”

Interestingly enough, the cue-ball heads of PEGIDA weren’t the ones incapable of laughing at the sentiment, it was instead a group of 3 to 5 (there are conflicting reports) of his fellow Muslim asylum seekers.Historically it checks out.

Accusing the 23 year old of offending Allah, they decided to test the limits of the Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung by stripping him of the shirt and beating him into goldeny schnitzel.

When will the Muslim version of Dave Barry finally step-up and put an end to this?

Just sayin’.