Even Salem’s nails are on point.PD has featured loads of creepy Halloween manicure nail ideas in the past, but this year while we have two nail looks to add to the pack, we also have one that we think really pushes the envelope…of both good taste and genocide.

The first tame pick is this All Seeing Eye manicure. Use scotch tape to get an easy angle on the eyeball, and apply a top coat to have that glossy/wet pupil look. The All Seeing Eye is supposed to ward off evil, but with ten of them? Hmm…anyone’s guess.

Red eyes could also up the scare factor.

The next comical take on Halloween is this googly eye accent nail. You’ll need one heck of a good nail glue to get through the day with all of the eyeballs in check, but if that level of commitment doesn’t send chills down your spine, stick with the red for a bolder look, or for the office go with a beige or nude as done above.

Raid your craft drawer for this one.

Now this final nail look is perhaps the scariest manicure idea we’ve ever brought you. More terrifying than Katy Perry’s Obama 2012, or any Senator Dianne Feinstein’s monster or pumpkin motif.

If you really want to disturb people, then go full on communist dictator.

Real horror.

Some red and yellow polish, a nice beige, 100 million plus dead, and a quality black nail pen with a patient (after all the Chinese spirit wasn’t crushed in a day) and steady hand will get you this look above.

There you have it, PDers—the secret to Halloween horror is real horror.