We wanted to like Katy Perry. We wanted to like Katy Perry in 3D. We looked the other way when she decided to marry douche-bag extraordinaire Russell Brand, and as that imploded it was easier to like her sans Brand. We wanted to pretend she only wore the Obama dress back in 2008 ironically.

Unfortunately, in the words of the famed Mr. Jellineck, “If wishes and buts were clusters of nuts, then we’d all have a bowl of granola.”

We now give you the most the horrifying manicure of the season…the Obama High Five, showcased by Ms. Perry herself.

The Obama High Five.

Look at all those jackasses….and that donkey.

How to describe it? Patroitic? Insane? Kool aid cultish? Moronic?

Maybe it’s just best to say that if you want to really freak libertarians out this Halloween go with the Obama High Five.

p.s. If given the choice, 96% of the PD staff would have rather gone with the Mexican Drug Kingpin  mani.