OPI's Washington D.C. collection, just what you didn't need.On the off chance that you feel like you haven’t been bombarded with the 2016 race enough lately, OPI has you covered with their Washington D.C. collection.

Similar to their German collection, our staff can’t help but wonder why someone thought this was a good idea.

Here are the highlights:

Nothing says “Awesome” like the CIA.

Out the shoot with CIA=Color is Awesome, OPI presents a teal that your Cambodian manicurist won’t want to see.


Speaking of Cambodia, the plum Kerry Blossom actually doesn’t have anything to do with Secretary of State and Christmas in Cambodia favorite John Kerry, but rather the actress Kerry Washington, the creative decorator behind the collection.

A little pre-mature on OPI’s part, as one should never underestimate Hillary’s ability to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

Madam President would probably be better received by the Progressive Left if it was a little more Mao Red.

Progressive Pro-tip: Use Clorox to get your hoods their whitest.

Pale to the Chief just strikes us as racist.

Or what, are we still supposed to believe this was Ted Cruz’s fault?

Stay Off the Lawn!! is reminiscent of when during the Washington shutdown, the Obama Administration made sure veterans were not allowed anywhere near their memorials.

And no, we still don’t know exactly what non-binary means, though we feel like it has to do with not accepting 1s and 0s.

We the Female frankly seems oppressive to those out there that are non-binary.

A disgusting freak like Weiner actually makes you feel a little bad for Huma.

Finally, Yank My Doodle is an obvious homage to the newly separated and always creepy Anthony Weiner.

Colors our PD staff would have preferred to see include Prism Vault (a crystallized gloss), Your Every Keystroke (a deep NSA black), and Tyrannical Tea Leaves (a dark teal as the Tea Party Movement is co-opted by the Alt Right).

Leave your color suggestions down below.