Market goods prevent wars.PD has talked about the amazing things lemons can do for your nails after a good two months use of holiday red, but Vladimir Putin has spared Turkey’s lemon crop from his long list of embargoes for a whole other reason.

The National Russian Winter Drink of Choice: Vodka and lemon.

Hey, even a domineering dictator understands that you don’t mess with your subjects’ daily drink.

Since Turkey’s November bout of target practice with a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 fighter jet, Putin has mandated a stop on all imports of Turkish fresh fruit and vegetables, excluding only lemons and Christmas nuts—proving the theory that people are less likely to riot if there’s a fully stocked bar and top-shelf nuts.

The President of Turkey’s Mediterranean Exporters Union, Bulent Aymen, explained by saying, “Putin did not touch lemon, because of vodka…Russians use lemon heavily with vodka in winter. That is why it was excluded from the Russian embargo.”Vodka with Lemon otherwise known as the Peacemaker.

How much do Russians love lemons? Well, up to the beginning of November 2015, Russia had imported over $65 Million worth of the crop from Turkey.

This extreme Russian appreciation for the citrus fruit comes from yet another Vladimir, this time Vladimir Lenin, whom preached that lemons were a miracle cure for health, though given that he keeled over at 54, lemons do very little to cure syphilis.

Just sayin’.