The biggest problem facing Americans today? No, not the debt, not Daash, not Putin---your manicure!There is very little in today’s American society that the Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t have their mitts on. From parching California, waging war against farmers and advising you to give up your bath for Lent, the Head of the EPA Gina McCarthy’s latest kick is your manicure being on fleek.

McCarthy went to the great length of making an historic (can you feel the eye roll?) visit to a San Francisco nail salon earlier this month in order to highlight the perils faced daily by manicurists of Asian and Pacific Island descent.

Why just that group? Well obviously, because working with dangerous nail lacquer is a job that whites and Mexicans just won’t do, you racist.Limited government, right?

Saying without proper pauses for breath, “We’ve put together funding strategies/grants that local communities and individual companies can access and we’ve put together a technical assistance team and all of this is done in a way that is multilingual so that we can reach the target audience, but there is so much more work to be done,” we imagine that while there McCarthy also tested out OPI’s new Hawaii collection, you know, since it’s all about Pacific Islanders.

Who funds all of those grants and technical assistance teams for your manicurist? The taxpayer of course.

A pop of color on the nails, makes signing all the job crushing regulations even more fun!“We know more visibility needs to be raised for these issues and we’re working hard to reach communities and to educate folks,” McCarthy had said during the White House Summit on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders where she announced her planned photo op at the West Coast nail salon.

Side note: Is there anything more disingenuous sounding than the cronies of the Obama Administration constantly using the term, folks? Please tell us our staff are not the only ones that run for the Smecta every time we hear that.