Sick of all of that sparkle, glitz, and shine from the holidays and last season? Ready to give into the dull-drums of January? Well, PD has a way to dull things down on the cheap, without being boring.

Interested in the chalking look of MATTE nail polishes, but don’t want to commit to the price tag of a full bottle? As always, PD’s got you covered.

Take your nearly empty top coat bottle, and drop in a minute amount of corn starch. Close the bottle and shake. Bam! You’re got yourself an instant MATTE finish that you can apply over any other color in your nail polish collection. Lots of options.

Put it over diamond black for a graphite look, or chalk over a gray, pink or red.

Realize that the MATTE look makes your spine connect more with the thought of nails on a chalk board, than chalk board nail-high fashion? Cool, you’re only out a tiny bit of top coat and a pinch of corn starch.

Adventurous, yet economical. That’s what we’re talking about, Bernake. Or thanks to Bernake that’s what we’re talking about. Either or.